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Co-Founder & Web Architect

Originally from Mexico, Daniel has a background in Computer Sciences, he is passionate about tech, food and exploring new places. Spending time in the French Riviera one of his passions in life and loving the balanced lifestyle the region offers.

Co-Founder & Director

With a passion for technology, art and global issues, Tamara is a five language (French, English, Russian, Italian and Serbian) speaking business strategy and innovation consultant.  Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Marketing and a Master’s degree in Macroeconomics & International Finance, backed with an extensive background in various fields from finance, marketing, event organization, tourism and real estate to ICT project management, she has  ability to identify market potentials and manage both strategic and technical issues.  Being in charge of keeping a close eye on market gaps and niches, selecting high skilled professionals, taking part in creative solutions development and promoting products and services she has decided to launch Real Riviera project.

Smallworld Cocktail
Chief Editor

Whilst exhibiting paintings and working as Artist in Resident at St Bartholomew The Great in London Kay also worked with Press Holding Media Group. This enfolded into writing articles for the Spectator magazine and then led to an Representative position with Apollo Magazine in Monte Carlo. Whilst in Monaco Kay quickly started working with Monaco Life, an online magazine and publication that featured several of Kay’s articles focusing on Art. Shortly after Kay was approached by a yoga school to illustrate a book on well being and the power of positive associations. This book was published in French and English. Shortly after Kay moved back to work from a studio in Kent in England where she published and illustrated her first book. ‘Your book’ is a illustrated journey embellishing the power of positive words. 

For more information contact Kay : [email protected]


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