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Yacht Guide Part ii | The mistress

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Up next on our list is the owner’s girlfriend – a character we’ve all seen stalking around on deck, refusing to remove her stilettos and demanding a tender ashore to shop. With Tatler’s recently published Yacht Guide 2015 in mind, Real Riviera is taking another look at the yachting characters you might encounter in the industry – an industry like no other.

The mistress

She is glamourous, young and beautiful and she has the world at her fingertips, or so she thinks. Her demands are those of a movie starlet: she only drinks Fiji water, she only eats red M&Ms, she wants a freshly made green juice 10 times a day and so on. She is, of course, on a diet, but allows her boyfriend (the owner) to have the macaroons that she loves flown in by private jet from Paris. These are her favourite and after all that juicing she needs a little bit of a sugar hit.

She gets sea sick and doesn’t like being out on the water therefore they must always be docked either in Cannes or St Tropez so she can go shopping whenever she wants to. Whilst reading the latest issue of Vogue her personal state room the other morning, she broke her perfectly manicured nail and, after crying for over an hour, her man flew in her personal beautician from somewhere at least a six hour flight away to fix the nail before they went out to dinner that evening.

When she brings her three month old white Maltese Terrier on board for the holiday, she has the tendency to forget to mention that the dog hasn’t been trained and ‘loves’ to eat chocolate. The puppy then finds the automatic M&M machine and pops its head under and eats one kilo of chocolate. This, for any dog, is dangerous, but this puppy is desperately resuscitated by the crew before Sir and the mistress return from dinner. Well done to the team as Miss Mistress is none the wiser for the entire trip.

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