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Monolith one, the ‘all in one stand’

Monolith one has launched the new multipurpose stand. The all in one stand is meant to conveniently hold computer, laptop and smart devices all at once without taking much space.

Considering the increasing number of people who spend their time sitting in front of computer or laptop, a group of engineers and designers has developed this innovative stand. The stand will allow the user to maintain a better posture leading to more efficiency and productivity.

They got inspiration to build this product with his own experiences while working for long hours in front of the computer and observing a need to organize the devices more effectively.

Since there wasn’t any product available in the market which will serve all the purpose so Daniel decided to create one himself and came up with the idea of Monolith One. He partnered with his friend and architect Jose Azpeitia to implement the idea and after 9 months of research and hard work, they created the all-in-one stand Monolith One. The product was also featured as Hi Tech innovation suggestion for 2016 in the magazine Monaco Monsieur.

Monolith one is designed in such a way that it improves the ergonomic posture by bringing the monitor to the eye level. The product can be used to organize desk, save space and make it more aesthetic in appearance.

The stand is constructed from high quality material with premium wood finish and is suitable to hold up to 11 kilogram monitors. The stand results in better working position reducing the mental and physical stress caused by the workstation setup.

Monolith ONE

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