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Black Magic by Caviar House

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Captures all of the magic in the pearl of the queen of fish, the Sturgeon. Our traditional methods create an exceptional culinary experience with the taste, aroma, texture, beauty and true essence of Russian caviar.


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The caviar industry is dominated by mediocre global brands and unscrupulous trade.

However, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that there still exists a unique sturgeon farm devoted to the old Russian caviar heritage.

This results in the production of the freshest, purest, and healthiest caviar available that will delight the most discerning connoisseur.

With utmost care we are serving discerning customers internationally across the whole world.


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Our partners:

We cooperate with Restaurants, Food and Drinks Distributors, Gourmet Shops, Event organizers and retail customers all over the Europe. Our main partner overseas is Medco Atlantic Inc., a wholesale and distribution company in USA. They has distribution in 25 states such as New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, Massachusetts., e.t.c. In portfolio of this company are luxury products the Organic Caviar and sell it a long with Champagne, Organic Vodka.



by Stan Milc, Co-Founder at Caviar House

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