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Wine Wednesday | Girafe Verte

In France, everyone knows the children’s song: A green mouse. But much less The green giraffe of the Chateau Barbanau. This wine is born from the desire to produce a bio wine with a limited environmental footprint.

In this winery settled above the Calanques of Cassis. The vineyards overlooking the sea, located at an altitude of 350m are driven with innocence and passion. After having completely restructured the vineyard, the decision was taken to produce only in organic agriculture. No phytosanitary treatment, no insecticide, simply because, as Sophie Simonini-Cerciello, owner of the domain likes to say: “life is a set. This land is very beautiful and we must protect it”

There are two words for you to present the wine of Provence from this week: Go Green. This Côtes de Provence Rosé is produced for 3 years. It is produced from vines where the size is short to limit production. The number of hectolitre of wine per hectare is pretty low blow. It is located at 45 hl/hectare. Knowing that the maximum allowable standard is 66 hl/hectare. This gives these wines exceptional flavors.

Why is this wine so green? First, it is vinified in a natural way. It is a blend of grape varieties of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault. Then, to go even further in respect for our planet, the bottle is made of recycled glass and lightened, the cap is recycled Cork, the capsule is recyclable and finally the label and cardboard are made with recycled paper.

The composition of this cru renders all the freshness and the righteousness of its terroir. Her dress is brilliant and reflects the rose petals of the region. This rose develops a summer berry fruit aroma of white flowers and pink grapefruit. A true moment of conviviality to him alone! It is a wine decomplexed that call for tasting the feet in the water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Now it is the right time to do what we please, we should not hesitate to enjoy it as an aperitif accompanied by olives and sun-dried tomato tapenade. But above all, it is the essential partner of the Provençal cuisine: soup with pesto or the small red mullet marinated with a pan of roasted vegetables.

It only remains for me to explain to you why a giraffe. For this I had to ask Sophie, and she told me that it represents her passion for Africa and the desire to preserved nature in these free lands of all human footprints. You need to make a detour via chateau Barbanau winery that she runs with her husband Didier. A great opportunity to discover the small secular village of Cassis, the natural park of the creeks with its transparent and pristine waters, cliffs over 400m that plunge into the sea. But also gastronomy with the famous bouillabaisse fish rocks.

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