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Wine Wednesday | La Ferme des Lices

« Do you Do you Do you Saint Tropez, and when the summer comes to Saint Tropez, All the boys are attractive to Saint Tropez, all the girls are beautiful, beautiful to eat, the time of love in Saint Tropez , Do you Do you Do you Saint Tropez». (Brigitte Bardot song – Translated to English)

Better than the famous Brigitte Bardot song, come and taste the wines of La Ferme des Lices.

The image of the reputation of the small village Varois of St Tropez, these wines are committed to excellence. They are born of the desire to live the last parcels of vines of the commune of Saint Tropez.

This particular cellar of 8 hectares grouped a handful of passionate owners of a unique concept: create an organic nectar placed under the sign of quality and international dimension.

The fairy tale began late 90’s with only 2 acres. All vines were uprooted and replanted with Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rolle. The first rosé vintage was released in 2002 and since it has ceased to do more than improve, leading today to wines produced in 3 colors: rosé, red and white.

How they work in this winery? Everything begins with the ground, the natural compost replaces fertilizer and plowing replaces the weedkillers. The grass on the edge of the vineyards is a breeding ground to biodiversity.

The machine is replaced by man, and there again the footprint of human remains very discreet.

This organic approach passes first by returning to the use of natural treatments at the expense of aggressive plant protection products.

The harvest is carried out at night manually with great respect of the grapes. After a very rigorous sorting, grapes are collected in small cases to preserve completeness of berries.

The same care is brought to the vinification to stimulate the authenticity of wines. Then comes the magic moment of assembling sealing work of a season where the know-how of Laurence Berlemont and his team worked wonders.

Opening and sharing a bottle of the field of the Ferme des Lices, provides to be a unique experience of very high level. First of all, this wine is confidential and in this case, confidential does not rhyme with overpriced.

The aroma is very expressive and it is also distinguished by a well-balanced on the palate: Ample, with a touch of freshness, which makes it a pleasant wine aperitif or summer recipes.

Finally, to enjoy a part of the dream of the French Riviera, the tour is done on venue, this may be the ideal opportunity to relax along the saline or the beaches of Pampelonne Beach, stroll along the small village shops, go up to the Citadel to have a magnificent view on the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

To end the day, organize a game of Bocce on the Place des Lices, and why not have as a teammate of a showbiz celebrity, this is also the magic of St Tropez.

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