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Wine Wednesday | Les 3 Frères

For the first wine recommendation CCwine-Provence has chosen Les 3 Frères an organic wine from the Domaine des Aspras that will delight your senses with its freshness and finesse scent.

Located at equal distance from Marseille and Nice, Correns is at the heart of green Provence. Not far from Brignoles on the edges of the Argens, this small village avails himself the title of first organic village of France since 2001. Arriving to the village, using the secular stone bridge, at the end of the road and at the bend of the last turn, opens before your eyes: The Domaine des Aspras.

The winery find its name in the limestone hills of white soil that surrounds it: asper-aspera, the rockery in latin. It extends over 25 hectares which makes him intimate by its production winery but a great organic winery by the quality of its wines and its reputation. This wisdom is translated into the family motto: “nosce te ipsum” [know yourself]

This week I would like to present to you: Les 3 Frères. A great classic of the organic coasts of Provence. Produced on constant watch of its vineyards and harvest at the Sunrise in order to keep all the freshness of the night in the grapes. The freshness and sweetness are reflected in the design of these wines and the time given during collection.

The 2015 Rosé is a wine of very pale pink with a beautiful spring shade. Scent with finesse: notes of strawberry, raspberry, mint, peach, and white flowers. Fresh and round in the palate with a nice fruity intensity. A Soft and elegant wine, very well made, a perfect balance that made him a soothing wine.

The curiosity to taste this wine at this time, it’s the gourmet experience that it brings. It’s the mid of the spring, the heat of the summer is not yet there. It becomes an ideal for the aperitif as it makes us escape us. It transports us in the Provence of the haut pays. We are lulled by the sound of cicadas and the Argens river flowing. The elegance of this wine can also continue the tasting throughout the meal. It blends very well with grilling, vegetables ratatouille or even the summer dishes.

The grapes for this wine are: grenache that brings it a sweet juice, cinsault for aromas of berries like raspberry, dried fruit and white flowers. These 2 grapes are low acid. A hint of Rolle to bring balance.

This cuvée is also produce in red wine and white wine, with the same qualities. From € 12 at ccwine-provence.

In addition this area offers a cottage, to take the time to relax or to enjoy the provencal art of living in a unique setting. Located in the heart of the area, surrounded by vineyards and hills, the beautiful bastide Provençale of the nineteenth century, invites you to experience moments of relaxation privileged, which combines authenticity and comfort. It can accommodate up to 12 people. (Click here for more information)

And as Michaël Latz likes to say: “A great wine is the one who gives pleasure to one who drinks”. For us this is premium and in addition it is produced under specific environmental conditions which makes it a great wine.

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