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Wine Wednesday | Mas de la Rouvière

The history of wine in Provence, obligatorily through the wines of Bandol. A territory located between Marseille and Toulon. In the heart of a sheltered bay of the prevailing winds, it is an ideal place for berthing of vessels, whose first use as a port started in 1259. A few centuries later, almost 10 000 barrels of wines are shipped to end up on the tables of the Royal courts with that of Louis XV. During transport by boat, the stricken barrels of the B symbol, Bandol, continues to improve at the bottom holds of ships.

However at the end of the 19th century, a terrible bacterium destroyed the vineyards and centuries of toil. The renewal area is heralded by planting a better variety selection, emphasizing the traditional grape varieties. In particular the Mourvèdre grape King of the Bandol.

But the story around the wines of Bandol does not stop there. By the will of the winemakers, they are at the origin of the A.O.P.: Appellations of origin protected. The reference and the recognition of a land and expertise known and recognized throughout the world.

They must comply with very strict specifications. For example the production from the young vines is allowed only from the eighth leaf. The wines of Bandol are the first areas in the world, to benefit from this protection for its land.

With this recognition and the specificity of its vineyards, the wines of Bandol are unique. Firstly by the type of grape that compose them: Mourvèdre. It is on these land poor but well-drained, it thrives best. Planted in the terraces, rooting is deep. Then by his sunshine which is one of the most important in France, finally by its climate benefiting from the contribution of the freshness of the sea.

Castles and wineries abound in Bandol appellation, however there is a vineyard that I love, it is Domaines Bunan.


Why this domain? Already by the composition of his vineyard. The vines are more than 45 years. The roots are deep which provides a wonderful freshness to the wines. Then the harvest are made by hand, in order to be able to select precisely the best bunches.

You will also see that on each foot of vine, after the harvest, there are a few clusters that are not collected. It stays on the vine to allow food to all the birds that surround the winery. The yield is low, approximately 38 hecto/liters, this allows to have very aromatic wines. Then, the vineyard is carried out in organic farming since 1998.

The composition of the roses is an alliance of complexity and delicacy. During the vinification the grapes are presses directly, and then they ferment less than 20 days. They then rest in the tank until the Assembly. We expect the month of March to finally fill taste the new vintages. It is only at this point that you can contemplate its clear color with bluish reflections and brilliant.

Discover an expressive, elegant and fruity nose with fine aromas of mango and citrus. In a few words, a free harmonious, round, and bold wine with a nice attack in the mouth extended by the same fruit aromas. Another peculiarity, it is a pink wine that can guard the following year. It takes a little more than € 15 for accessing its flavors, what remains an excellent quality price ratio.

However, when we talk about the wines of Bandol, you must taste the red wines. They are powerful, racy and great characters. They express their true natures: a mineral substance, they thrive with beautiful accents of havane, leather, underbrush, and the more complex notes again, with the subtlety of each vintage.

After a barrel, then a ranching bottled end of March, you find a vintage ambitious, produced with old mourvèdre from the field, good concentration and great maturity.

The dress is bright, intense, deep Ruby. A glide ratio of spices, menthol and Cedar nose. Persistent mouth, round tannins, spicy flavors of BlackBerry and black pepper final. It is the wine of guard by excellence. They will keep more than 10 years. At this point, the price is no longer a question, even if it is totally affordable.

The only question that can come you is it happiness I’ll experience lead, decant and then enjoy a red wine of Bandol

By visiting the area, you can contemplate the magnificent Hall of the wrath, top place of maturation of wine red, is a unique place that measures 250 m², if you’re lucky the visit may continue in the aging room, or where you can contemplate entire walls of Red Bandol bottles awaiting their climaxes in order to be enjoyed.

When entering these sites, you are further absorbed by the atmosphere, you’re more in France, nor in Bandol, you are in an area where sweat quality and know-how.

Welcome to the world of the Mas de Rouvière Bunan areas.

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