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Light Camera: Behold the new era of digital photography.

If you are photography enthusiast or even a professional photographer, you will definitely will want to take a look at the next step in digital photography. Have you ever think about a small digital camera of 52 megapixels capable of doing the most amazing photos, you’re in luck because Light has created a camera of science fiction: Light L16.

Light L16 camera is a digital photographic device with different lenses 16, what you are doing is using several targets with eight-megapixel sensors and then merge the images using an algorithm. Light thus ensures that you can get a similar photographs have the quality of DSLR cameras.

When you are taking a picture, you are actually taking many at the same time. It has 16 modules with focal lengths of 35, 70 and 150 millimeters. Each module is formed by the lens, a mirror and the sensor. Depending on the zoom you want the user to be one or the other modules take the picture. In addition, by having several shots at slightly different angles the software might be able to allow the user to alter the depth of field after removing the picture, like the Lytro camera.

Let’s look at a preview of what this camera will be able to do in the following video:

How Light L16 camera work?

Light L16 camera contains 16 cameras simultaneously making, once you make a shot, 10 are computationally merge images to create a final picture quality with a 52-megapixel resolution.

Once you have the picture taken and stored in the camera, it can edit and share social media directly from the device itself with its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

If you have some time to spare and want to get into really technical details on how this technology will come to be, take a look at the following presentation from the Light Team:

Camera Features

In addition to the lens 16, the camera Light L16 characterized by the following features:

  • DSLR quality but the size of a compact digital camera
  • It incorporates wireless and optical zoom 35-150 mm, with the possibility of adjusting the focus and depth of field in three sets of lenses with different zoom
  • Capable of recording 4K video from a single camera module
  • Registers several approaches simultaneously and then modify them once already made the picture. This permit and also the Lytro cameras and soon the Lumix.
  • Unlike a SLR camera, the Light L16 need not interchangeable lenses for different approaches.

Price and Availability

Light L16 camera can be pre-ordered through their website, but no shipments will be made until late 2016. If you like photography, it may be interesting to test your focus and give it a shot to this new emerging technologies.

You can check them out in their website at :

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