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Mortgage Credit Rates Today

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The ABC mortgage Broker will look for the best solutions for you and ease your decision in finding the best mortgage rates.





  • The ABC’s of the rate of May


The credit rates of estates are still at the same level this month. Indeed, a big majority of the banking institution, national and regional, continue to propose scales that go downwards.

The rate shows an average of 1,36 % for 15 years 1,52 % for 20 years and 1,84 % for 25 years. But it’s possible to have more favorable rates depending your profile. The best files can also borrow 1,09 % for 15 years, 1,27 % for 20 years and 1,60 % for 25 years.


  • Play with competition

This attitude of the banks can be explained easily : the beginning of the year wasn’t prolific, they have the commitment to conquer new clients and to have them make up for they’re delay. A position that was possible, details the Observatory of Credit housing, by “conditions of refinancing always excellent abundance liquidity of good market in the economy”. It’s interesting to play with competition to borrow the best conditions.

By that much, the increase of the prices of estates and the reduction of public, helps for accession of the property, the capacity of purchase of the households to reduce. And it’s a reality that the banks know about, from wich low rates.




  • Extend the duration of loans


Unfortunately the households that are modest, or that have not much or not at all contributions, stay the most impacted by the loss of the purchasing power. The solution to realise they’re dreams of property is to extend the time of they’re loans. If these last years, the focus was put on the credits advantages, the time was lower than 25 years, the banks no longer hesitate, to accord the loans on 25, 30, even 35 years for one of them.


Do you want to invest in real estate ? Don’t hesitate to call the AB Courtage real estate broker. With the perfect knowledge of the market, they will advice you which institution to reach to obtain the most interesting rate and the best conditions according to your situation.

For more information, feel free to contact AB Courtage experts. 


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