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Spring is here and the weather is getting so much better that most of us are hitting the beach every time we can, but this also means that the snow season is ending.

Your last opportunity to practice skiing or snowboarding could be in the next weekends. That is why I recommend, if you haven’t been there already, to go to Isola 2000 this weekend.

Coming from a small beach town on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Mexico and I have never seen snow in my life, so when my friends told me we could take a bus from Nice and in little more than two hours we could be in the mountains, at 2000m of altitude and in the borderline with Italy, I didn’t think twice!

Once you get to the Ski Resort there are plenty of stores where you can rent your equipment and even winter clothes if you don’t have it. You will need Ski pants and jacket (big, comfortable and water proof), Ski goggles (or just regular sun glasses will do), and Water proof gloves. The boots are included in the rent of your equipment so you don’t need to worry about that.

If you are new at this you can start on the beginner’s slope, an area for people that have never been skiing before. The perfect place to learn the basics of how to break and turn from side to side. They also have a practice stand up lift that you will need to master if you want to go and practice on an easy but longer slope.

If you have more experience you can go directly to the lifts and take any of the more than 40 different slopes that goes from easy green and blue slopes to the most difficult red and black slopes that I would not dare to take. You can also go to Tony’s Snowpark located on the top of the mountain and practice some jumps or handrails if you are crazy enough.

Whatever your level of expertise is I’m sure you will have a great time and you will want to come back again every weekend.

If you are lucky enough you will find DJ ICE playing in the Restaurants and Bars area, making the end of every slope you take a nice party. Make sure to finish with at enough time so you can relax, drink a hot wine and enjoy the view before going back home.


Useful information:

Bus to Isola 2000: Take the Bus 750 for €5 each trip or make a reservation online (minimum 2 days in advance) on Lignes D’Azur and pay only €4 per trip.

Rent Equipment: We have been to Isola 3 times this year and every time we rent at Skimium, they have different skies & snowboards, great service and the best thing is that they give 20 to 40% discount if you reserve online. You will only pay €20 to €28 for the equipment depending on your choice.

Ski Pass: To use the lift you will need a Ski Pass, the regular price is €33.50 for an adult but you can get discounts if you start skiing after midday, if you are a student or just by looking at the different promotions on Isola 2000 webpage.


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