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Yacht Guide Part ii | The enticing sales broker

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Who is next in the cast? With Tatler’s recently published Yacht Guide 2015 in mind, Real Riviera is taking another look at the yachting characters you might encounter in the industry – an industry like no other.

The enticing sales broker

He has British parents, but grew up in Monaco. He speaks with a posh British accent and is fluent in at least three other languages: French, Italian and conversational Russian (which comes in handy when finalising a sale with a Russian or East European owner). He only wears suits that have been sewn to his exact measurements by a tailor who he has been using since he was 16 (taken there by his father) – an older Italian man based in the middle of the Principality who makes the most beautiful suits with a slight roll on the shoulder identifying that the suit had been hand sewn and from an expensive fabric with a flash lining to give that satisfying lustre. The broker (who likely has a double barrelled surname) wears shoes of a dark brown leather to match his rich navy blue suit and the silk tie with a perfect knot to complete the look. Everyone knows of his ability to style himself to an event of any occasion. Of course, he is invited to them all.

He spends his days on long lunches, dining with various current and potential clients. His expensive taste is also portrayed in his choices of fine wine and food, showing his income is nothing of the ‘basic wage’ variety – what even is the SMIC? Whilst at lunch you are drawn in by his blue eyes, brought out by the colour of his suit, and you are then mesmerised by his voice and instantly believe everything he is saying.

He is the top sales broker at his company and all the girls back at the office swoon and gaze over at him the moment he walks in the door. Little do they know that deep down he has a strong distaste for the yachting industry and wishes that he could leave and follow his passions of birdwatching and embroidery… Sadly, his father, who passed all his knowledge down to him from when he was the leading sales broker, would never ever allow for this to occur.

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