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Yacht Guide Part ii | The handsome deckhand

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Let’s throw another man into the mix! He might not be the highest in the ranks, but he’s usually the hottest. We’ve seen the handsome deckhand up on deck, but what does he actually do all day long? With Tatler’s recently published Yacht Guide 2015 in mind, Real Riviera is taking another look at the yachting characters you might encounter in the industry – an industry like no other.

The handsome deckhand

The deckhand is usually from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or the U.K. He is tall, handsome and, despite the rumours, rather clever. He spends his days as a ‘shammy technician’ (for those who don’t know, this means he cleans all day), ensuring the yacht’s stainless has no fingerprints, pillows are fluffed, the teak is untouched and the tender is spotless. He is a deliciously bronzed colour on his arms and legs, but when he removes his top, he does have a rather nasty T-shirt tan.

The stewardesses spend their days ogling him and staring out the window as he lifts the jet-ski and various other water toys up onto the deck for cleaning. With his bulging biceps and not another good looking soul on board or at seas for miles, he has won the hearts of all females aboard the vessel.

He came to yachting to make some quick cash and not knowing what to do with the rest of his life, however, he has realised that this is quite the lifestyle he would like to lead for a little longer than a short season. Maybe even he could be a captain one day? Enough thinking of the future for one day… For now this deckhand is happy with seeing the world, earning good coin and being surrounded by pretty girls!

Check in daily to find out more about some of the other characters found in the yachting industry. To discover our characters so far, please click here for the owner’s mistress, here for the charter broker, and here for the chief stewardess.

To read the original Tatler article, please click here.

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