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How to dress stylish for your cold office – Style tips

Typical of most offices is the freezing cold from the Air conditioner. It could get so cold that you may have to take hot tea all day. Your case is worse if you have to sit beside or under the air condition based on the office ergonomics. Sadly, there are very cold days where it either rained overnight or early that morning and your office air condition is also put on. This may be because you work in an institution that the office must be cold. e.g. banks, financial institutions, etc.

Most 9-5vers can relate but if you’re the boss, you can regulate the cold to suit you. That is not to say that self-employed individuals sharing co-working space cannot relate. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, you don’t want to be seen dressed like grandma Felicity. Therefore, to stay stylish irrespective of your environment, here are simple ways to dress stylish for your cold office.

Complete your outfit with a shawl

Shawls are very large scarfs that you wrap around you to keep warm in the office. They are perfect and easy to complete your looks. The good thing about shawls is that they can be worn while in the office and pulled off when in a warmer environment. Shawls are also a versatile piece of fashion item not only to be worn by older or married ladies. It goes with gowns whether western office dress or your Friday Ankara outfit. When choosing a shawl to go for colors like black, brown, lavender or white. You can shop for a good shawl if you reside in Lagos at Yaba market, oshodi or idumota market for about 500naira.

Layer your outfit

Another simple fashion hack to keep warm in your cold office while being stylish is through layering. Layering is a skill and should be worn with care. There is a thin line between being stylish and looking like a reverend mother while layering your outfit. One simple way to layer your office outfit is by wearing a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt in your sleeveless gowns.

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Blazers are a timeless must-have wardrobe essential for every lady. It is a very useful workwear outfit not just for keeping warm. Blazers make it easy to switch your outfit from casual to workwear. They complement every outfit whether, on gowns or shirts, it’s just perfect. It is also a stylish way to dress for your cold office. Blazers can keep warm all day reducing the effect of cold at the office. For me, if I am at loss on what to wear for office chills, I throw on a blazer to complete my workwear


Remember those days when your mom ensures that you wear a cardigan to keep warm at school. Likewise, cardigans can also be worn as part of your workwear for your cold office. Although it can be quite challenging getting cardigans that are work appropriate. But with the right cardigan e.g round neck cardigan or a long sleeve collarless cardigan, you can keep warm and be stylish. I really love collarless cardigans as they are very easy to throw on. I can easily keep on in my cold office and pull it off in a warmer environment.


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