When work becomes fun & glamorous – the life of Monaco blogger: Allison Soro!

When work becomes fun & glamorous – the life of Monaco blogger: Allison Soro!

“To have a good life work and life should be kept independent and separate. Having fun at work is not advisable.” How often you hear this?

What if we say it is NOT true? You can have a complete glamorous, fun-filled and an independent lifestyle without compromising on any aspect of life. It may sound utopian but it isn’t the case. And guess what, hundreds of thousands of people are already living the life you and tens of millions just dream off. I am talking about the typical lifestyle of an accomplished blogger. Bloggers start small in initial stages but consistency and quality content can catapult their life into a lavish life quickly.

Let us see the lifestyle of a famous fashion blogger and influencer Allison Soro. Allison is living a life many just think is impossible to have one like watching the famous Grand Prix from a three-floor yacht, traveling to exotic destinations and partying in the most exclusive clubs.

So, what you pay for watching on your television set, she gets that with a cocktail in hand and a great view. This is not the only case. Allison gets entries to world-class fashion events at Milan and London with a complete stay at a luxurious 5-star hotel, she also recently got invited to Saint Tropez for the Piaget event wearing a 30 000 worth watch without counting the value of the rest of the jewelry she was wearing from the luxury brand.

With the power and aura, she carries with herself getting a chance to interact with celebrities in her field is no big deal.

She is also an entrepreneur turned her followers into buyers with her crazy luxury line of : Signature Chokers which is believed to be one of the top must-have pieces in your wardrobe. You can choose between different colors and material to create your personalized style. She is driving sales via Zyko shop and her Instagram account.

However, some sources state that she recently announced in her insta stories that her sport line with Elissa Stef : ALLISON SORO X ELISSA STEF will be created next year for Spring Summer collection.

In regards to her current love life, we do not know much about, it seems she likes to keep her private life away from the eye of the media.

you can follow Allison on Instagram to follow her lifestyle and great content

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