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Historic Luxury Accommodation in Moscow

Russia and its capital have a very rich and long history reflected in its literature, architecture and arts that can also be discovered while staying in some of the finest historic hotels such as the Hotel Petrovskiy Putevoy Castle and Hotel Metropol Moscow.  Both of them are managed by Inna Pehova, who gave us some insights into successful luxury hospitality business in Moscow.


Please introduce us to your hotels.

I am representing two resorts –Metropol Hotel and Petrov Palace Casle.

The Metropol hotel is a historical hotel in city center, built in 1901 by Savva Mamontov. It is notable for its old cultural tradition, hosting a numerous artistic performances, opera and ballet premiers as well the partnerships with Theatre Bolshoi.

The Petroff Palace, run by the Moscow Metropol Hotel’s management, is dating back to 1780 when it was originally built for Empress Catherine the Great. Located on the way from St Petersburg to Moscow, it was used as a stopover point for aristocrats journeying. The hotel has a capacity of 43 rooms, offering a various venue facilities.

How would you compare the situation of luxury hotel business in Moscow and French Riviera?

From the point of view of touristic offer, French Riviera and Moscow are different touristic destinations.  Meanwhile, both kinds of guests have learned to appreciate a good quality of service.

In terms of cuisine, we still have a lot to learn but we are improving constantly. Within the framework of collaboration with Metropol Hotel Monte-Carlo, we are exchanging gastronomic experience and organizing mutual visits. Old hotels such as Negresco teach us how to focus on old tradition of the high-end service. On the other hand, Moscow has a richer tradition of excursions and historic sightseeing.

What is needed to manage two hotels like this?

Love.  Love for what you do, love for history.. It is also important to select a quality team and be proud of your achievements while telling everyone about the place you work in.

What do you do in order to promote your business and bring more French tourists to your hotels?

We are right here at the “Days of Moscow in Nice” to promote our offer. We also visit various press tours and touristic exhibitions amongst which “International Travel Fair” in Cannes. France is our main business and travel destination bringing the largest number of guest to our hotels.

Do you have any special event packages?

We have special packages, offered in collaboration with Theatre Bolshoi, Tretyakov Gallery, SPA centers, and many other partners. These packages also include special Opera concerts organized in beautiful settings of our hotels and but also a various festival and New Year deals.




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