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Buying French Real Estate: Two Important Documents

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If you are thinking about buying French real estate it is always wise to have an understanding of the process before you start to look at homes. This is why we created ESREA France.

 Let us introduce you to two important documents you will discover during the buying (or selling) process.


The Compromis de Vente

The Compromis de Vente in very simple terms is the first document in which the buyer and seller of a French property declare in writing the terms and conditions of the sale.

Make sure your read and study this document before signing it. If you need the help of a translator ESREA France can assist you.


Acte Authentique

The Acte Authentique is the final document that binds the sale of a French real estate property between a buyer and seller. It is signed after all the terms and conditions in the compromis de vente have been fulfilled. As a buyer after you and the seller sign with the notary the Acte Authentique you will typically receive your keys to your French real estate and the owner will soon after receive their money.

Please connect with an English speaking French notary to learn full details of the Compromis de Vente and Acte Authentique contracts as it is the French notaries who are the experts on these documents.

Source: These two tips are taken from ESREA France’s inexpensive French real estate buyer’s guide that contains 110 Tips PLUS helpful buyer’s checklists. Get ESREA France’s free e book for French real estate buyers and sellers by going here (link behind is www.esreafrance.net)  ESREA France is the easiest way to Find an English Speaking Real Estate Agent in France.  (link behind http://englishspeakingrealestateagentsfrance.com/)

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