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Fast Growing International Hotel Chain Made in Russia

Established in 2004, AZIMUT Hotels is now one of the largest Russian hotel chains and the only one operating outside of Russia. The company focuses on 3-4 star hotels, situated in central city areas- ideal for busy, smart and practical travelers. In our series of interviews, we caught up with Elena Palchunova, the Group Marketing Manager & PR, who gave us a brief  highlight of some of the main opportunities offered by this fast growing hotel brand.  


Please tell us something about the company you represent.

I am representing a company managing the only Russian hotel chain outside of Russia. Our hotels are located all over Russia, as well as in Germany and Austria. Azimut Hotel Sochi is the largest complex having the capacity of 2800 rooms. Located in close proximity to the sea and F1 race, the Sochi resort enjoys a great popularity among both tourists and business guests.

What is the main difference between hotel business in Russia and France?

France has a very rich hotel tradition with exceptional hotels such as Ritz, Carlton, Martinez,  Negresco, etc. This kind of tradition is also present in Russia. Meanwhile, the middle rank hotels market was underdeveloped until recently. The category of our hotels is 3 to 4 stars. While being affordable in terms of costs, all the hotels are located in city centers offering main business and touristic facilities.

What is the number of French tourists coming to your hotels?

The French tourists are currently ranked at 12th place but we strive at changing this ratio. The event such as “The days of Moscow” is the right opportunity for us to present our offer and attract local tourists.

Which kinds of venue facilities are available at your hotels?

We are fully equipped with the facilities needed for the organization of events and conferences in our hotels. Some of our hotels are more appropriate to serve this kind of purpose. Azimut Hotel Saint Petersbourg has a large conference and wedding hall with panoramic view over the city.

What do you do in order to promote your business and bring more French tourists to your hotels?

We are offering special packages and promotional deals designed to satisfy different client needs. .. Family with children, shopping, national holidays, historic and many other packages.

What do you think is the most interesting for the French tourists coming to your hotels?

French tourists know how to appreciate a quality food. The city of Voronezh is well known for its meet while the city market, situated on only 200 m from the hotel offers some of the best quality meats. The restaurant “Sibir Sibir”, located in Azimut hotel Novosibirsk has been awarded as the best restaurant of Russia. A good quality crabs can be found in Vladivostok and Murmansk region.  And of course we should not forget the black caviar from Astrahan.

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Tamara Cirilovic

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