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Three Tips to Find the Right French Real Estate For You

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We know the French Riviera is beautiful and it is not hard to fall in love with French real estate since ownership will give you the chance to be in on the French Riviera more often. However, before you run out to buy your French real estate to make a wise decision there are a number of tips you need to know. The below tips are taken from the new e-Guide 110 Tips on How to Get Your Best Deal in French Real Estate.

Know Your Dream Location

The French Riviera offers many different styles of living from the hustle and bustle of Nice and Cannes to the quiet village lifestyle in places like Sospel and Biot. This diversity can make it difficult for some people to decide.

Tip: The key to finding the right location for you is to spend time visiting different areas of the French Riviera before you decide on one location. A good deal is not a good deal if it is in an area you don’t want to stay long term. Remember the things in life you enjoy and choose a corresponding location.

Shop When Other People are Not Shopping

Most people shop for French real estate in the Summer time when there are a lot of buyers checking out property. In the Summer you will be competing on price, have little time to view properties multiple times and need to make a decision fast and perhaps you may make a poor decision.

Tip:  If you can plan a winter vacation you will find you are in less competition with other potential buyers. In addition, most sellers are more negotiable with their pricing due to the reduced demand on their property. A bonus is that you will have more time to view properties to make the right decision for your needs.

Get your Own French Notary

Did you know that at this time you have every right to have your own English speaking French notary assist you in the purchase of your French property? You are not obliged to work with the seller’s notary and it does not cost you anything more.

Tip: Visit the notaries of France website and you will find it is easy to search for an English speaking French notary to assist you. 


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