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A taste of India in the Port of Nice

“Make a customer, not a sale” – Katherine Barchetti

In Nice you usually expect to find Moules Frites, Socca or all kind of Italian food, due to the long history between the region and Italy, but also you have the opportunity to try different dishes from other countries and Indian food is not an exception.

When you think about eating at the Port you typically picture seafood most of the time, but have you ever thought about eating at an Indian restaurant just in front of a beautiful landscape of luxury yachts?

Le Bombay Palace is a little piece of India located just in front of the Port of Nice, where you will be able to find a variety of the country’s cuisine.

I usually love eating and tasting different kinds of food in different places. Since I came to Nice I have been trying diverse restaurants and I can say that this place is one of my favorites and a MUST if you are visiting the city.

First, while you try to decide what to order, you will receive a starter called Papad, a tiny and crispy flour disc seasoned with cumin seeds. I recommend you to try all the different sauces with this bread.

You will have several options that will make your decision difficult, but if you want to taste a little bit of everything I recommend you to choose the Formule: you will have the option to choose a main dish with a side of rice, vegetables, salad or frites plus the option of an entrée (starter) or a dessert, and a glass of wine or coffee. All that for an affordable price!

For our first time we decided to choose different dishes in order to try a little bit of everything. Some of my friends started with the entrée, fried fish and shrimps accompanied with a nice portion of salad; just with that starter they were almost satisfied.

In my case I started with the main dish, to leave room for dessert, and recommended by my Nepalese friend I tried the Tika Massala, a grilled chicken dipped in curry sauce accompanied by seasoned rice and vegetables. However, if you really like spicy food, you should try the Madras, a grilled chicken dipped in a curry spicy sauce, which will make you cry if you are not used to spicy food.

I can say that every single dish was delicious and you can see every detail that they put in every plate’s presentation. For those who didn’t choose the entrée, the second best part was coming and it was the dessert; three different alternatives that made it almost impossible to decide.

If you want to try how Indian desserts taste, I definitively recommend the Kulfi, a traditional Indian ice cream, served in a form of a rose with a topping of Chantilly cream and strawberry jam. If you prefer to get a little tipsy, the rum ice cream is a delicious option but if you like something more traditional the coconut-flan with Chantilly cream is always a good alternative.

Not only the food and dessert were amazing, but the best part of this place, and what makes this place so special, is the people that you can find and the service you get.

You will find a friendly and very attentive team that will help you make your choice according to what you like and they will explain each dish with patience and friendly attitude (In English, French, German, Hindi and even Turkish).

And that is not all. After having your meal, if they are not too busy, they will sit and have a friendly conversation with you, which is not normal in some restaurants, especially in France.

They understand just what Katherine Barchetti said, that the most important part of a business is not just to sell but to win the heart of customers, and that is the secret of a successful business.

We will definitely go back soon and we hope to see you there!

LE BOMBAY PALACE Address: 30 Quai Lunel, 06300 Nice Phone: 04 93 56 12 20

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Johanna is an MBA student living in the French Riviera and originally from Ecuador. This is her second time living in France and her french is the proof of that. She loves traveling, eating and praying. She believes that the most important goal in life is being happy and for that you should help others to be happy too, that is why she wants to share with all the lifestyle of Cote d'Azur.


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