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We all know that if you come to France chances are that you will be drinking more wine than water, but in the South of France we drink Rosé. Each year 600 winemakers in the region of Provence produce over 160 million bottles making the decision of which wine to choose even harder.

Luckily, Baptiste Kaufmann’s passion about wine does not stop with the content of a bottle, but extend as a whole. Fascinated by the work of the winemakers, every season he visits vineyards around the region of Provence with the single objective of discovering wines in a different way.

With the creation of CCWine Provence, Baptiste wants to bring his selections to new wine lovers. Working in the Street Markets of different cities he plans to keep it simple and sincere. Every season he picks different wines from different winemakers that will appeal to all of our senses with their freshness and floral aromas.

He will never promote a wine that he hasn’t tasted and absolutely loves it. In addition to this criterion and with the constant growth of organic agriculture he has found many Organic Wines from different Domains that share his passion and have a rich history.

All organic wines are tested and certified. They do not contain: Synthetic Products, Herbicides or GMO’s. This bring a positive impact on the soil, local employment and taste that has make the production booming.

A drink with these rosés is perfect for those moments of sharing with friends, during a business meal, a pizza party or a simple picnic on the beach.

To help you decide which wine to get for your next event or just to relax at the end of a long day, Baptiste and CCWine Provence will be sharing every week their weekly selection with us.

If you can’t wait for the first weekly recommendation visit their website, learn about this season selection and find 25 different wines of which 15 are Biological.

As Baptiste likes to say: “Summer is made for these rosy moment”

Don’t hesitate in contact him and order some bottles. We know we will, Santé!



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