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Love Me Some Cocktails

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Summertime “heat” us for real this year but it is not the end yet! We all need something to refresh after a long day and relax around the pool or simply at home with some friends. We love those good fresh cocktails and we guess that you too ! So for you we selected 6 easy cocktails to do. Lets get it started !


—> Rio Cocktail (peekitmagazine)

1/2 mug of orange juice – 1/2 mug of lemon soda – 1 tablespoon of pomegranate syrup– 3 slices of green lemon  (little tips if you want to create floors use the back of the spoon and pour the liquid on top of it)


—> Mango Mojito (tangerinezest)

1/4 of mango – 8 mint leaves – 1/3 green lemon – 2 tablespoon of brown sugar – 6 ice cubes,  sparkling water (4 cl of rhum if you want with alcohol) ; In a blender mix the mango and the green lemon juice ;Pour the latter  in a cup, ,Add the brown sugar and mint leaves. Pill the mix and add the ice cubes and sparkling water; If you want a real mojito you can add the rhum – CHEERS


—> Cranberry Pomegranate Champagne Sparkler (lindawagner)

1 bottle of cold champagne; 1 cup of fresh cranberries; frozen;1 pomegranate.Set out 4 champagne glasses and use a spoon to fill each with 1 Tbs pomegranate seeds and about 4-5 frozen cranberries.


—> Fraisibulles (morganours)

Cut 3 stramberries and put them in a glass, add 2/4 of lemon and mint leaves  and lastly pour sparkling water on top of it AND VOILA !


—> Cucumber Cocktail (foodnetwork)

25g diced cucumber – 3 mint leaves – 45ml gin – 30ml apple cider – 30ml organic cranberry juice). Muddle the diced cucumber and mint in the bottom of a shaker glass. Add ice and the gin, cider and cranberry juice; Shake and strain into a tall glass filed with crushed ice. Garnish with a cucumber wheel and a sprig of mint.


—> Rasperry Lemonade (mylittelefabric)

All you need is 200g of rasperry  – 1 green lemon – 70cl of water (sparkler or not) 100g of cane sugar syrup – 5 mint leaves – 1 spoon of orange blossom. In a saucepan , pour the sugar briefly before take it off the fire, add the mint leaves, mix it gently and let it infuse 10min then filter ; Crush the rasperries and filter it to get only the juice , press the green lemon, add the rasperry and lemon juice in the mint syrup finally pour the fresh water on AND THAT’S IT ! If you want you can add more orange blossom.


And remember there is always a good time for a good cocktail !

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About the author


Windy Sanches

After training in International Business and General Management, I simply decided to pursue my studies in MBA Marketing.
Lover and native of the region, I took part in the Real Riviera adventure in order to make you discover the region and its actuality

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