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Boucherie Fabre

In the heart of the Forville market is Boucherie Fabre, the oldest butcher in the south of France. From Montpellier to Monaco and Lyon to the coastline, you just simply won’t find a butcher’s shop with the legacy and history of Boucherie Fabre. It has been a mainstay in Cannes’ favourite open air market for almost 120 years and is the go-to butcher for much of the local community and restaurant business, but has recently undergone a serious and very modern transition, which has opened the doors to a whole new clientele.

Late last year Boucherie Fabre was taken over by an English family who have set about turning this traditional French establishment into an international emporium of meat from all around the world. From aged Scotch Aberdeen Angus – something that they just don’t really do in France – and delicious English pork to their handmade sausages (think of British favourites such as the Cumberland, the Lincolnshire, pork and leek, and beef breakfast) and burgers, and on the more international side, the butcher is starting to bring in meat produce from all over the world: U.S., Chile, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and even genuine Kobe Wagyu from Japan. The butcher’s counter has changed beyond recognition in a few short months.

The addition of Irish master butcher Alan has also had a significant effect on the shop, with everyone from English-speaking expats to the native French community all stopping in for a chat and advice on Fabre’s new range of meat.

There is of course an undeniable touch of luxury to the new Boucherie Fabre (I mean, it is one of the only butchers in Europe to sell Kobe!), but outside of this high-end bracket, it has remained true to its roots in pricing – something much appreciated by old customers and new.

So it isn’t ‘all change’ and some of Fabre’s existing workforce has decided to stay on in the shop and embrace the different direction the butcher has taken. Robert, for one, has been at Boucherie Fabre his entire working life (some four decades) and has his own monopoly of clients who head straight to him for recommendations on the stock, both the French varieties and the international.

The butcher’s shop hasn’t forgotten its roots and it is a prime example of how well different cultures can work together. The proof is in the pudding main course. Simply put, if you are crying out of a good steak for dinner or missing some proper bacon in your life, here is your answer!

Boucherie Fabre is open Tuesdays to Sundays every morning, with plans to extend the opening hours once winter is over, and you can find the shop at 10 rue du marché Forville in Cannes as well as on Facebook by clicking here.

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