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Architectural Concept: Jardin de Prat in La Turbie

Luca Muller is a young designer behind the STECO Property Development Group. He prides himself on his ability to immagine and create highly stylish spaces.

He was lucky enought to spend his childhood playing in his parent’s Architectural Studio in Switzerland and get immediately involved in designing various high-tech and innovative architectural solutions all around Europe, US and China.

Being in charge of the concept design of the Jardin de Prat in La Turbie, Luca Muller shares with us some interior design ideas and helps us visualise this new upcoming residential complex, situated just in few minutes from Monaco.



I believe that what you create has to be in harmony with its environment. For me, Architecture is the best compromise between aesthetics, efficiency and of course the respect of the environment, our planet.



Through my different experiences and because I worked in different countries with different cultures, I have learned to impregnate myself with my surrounding and the history of the place in which I am working.


When I start a project, I try to understand its energy, its full potential and discover in what way could I make it better.


With the client, we work in a team and to try to transform some of their ideas, needs or dreams to then concretise them.




As I have more of an Interior Architecture background, the use of lights and materials are as important as the repartition of the surface I am to transform. This is why it is really important to me to know and trust the people with whom I work.



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