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How to Choose an English speaking French Real Estate Agent

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By David Hennessey, founder of ESREA France

Finding the right real estate agent in France no matter what language you speak is often a difficult task. You need an agent who is working for you, who is interested in your needs and willing to focus on what you want to focus on.

In the process of finding such an agent we highly recommend you use the following 2 tips to qualify potential agents you meet:

Choose a Specialist, avoid the Generalist

A specialist is an agent who focuses on one type of real estate, for example, residential. He or she is a specialist in one town or village. Unless a village or town is very small a good agent will focus on one area and become very knowledgeable on the area. They will know trends, the pricing and what is good and bad about the area and more.

A Generalist is an agent who claims to be able to work in any type of real estate in any area and will tell you they know the values over a large area like the French Riviera which experienced buyers, sellers and agents will know is not possible. The market is too diverse. Typically, the generalist is a generalist since they are chasing clients and not clients chasing them for their expertise.  To get a copy of our free 10 tip guide for buyers and sellers go here

The best agents work with all agents

Due to the complexity of the French real estate system and since there is no completely unified access to information on all properties at this time if you want to know all the properties in an area you need to work with an agent who co-operates with other agents to make sure you visit all properties that are suitable for you. An agent who only shows the properties they have under agreement with an owner can easily miss out on a property with another agent that is right for you.

Source: These two tips are taken from our inexpensive French real estate buyer’s guide that contains 110 Tips PLUS helpful buyer’s checklists. Guide comes with a 100 percent satisfaction or money back guarantee. Read more here 

If you are looking to learn more about French real estate in English or to find an English speaking French real estate agent in France contact us and we can assist you at no charge. We also can help you find other English speaking real estate service providers like mortgage brokers, builders, architects, designers and more. Find an English speaking French real estatate agent

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