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Imagine the following situation: you are ringing the bell in an entrance hall of a building near the
train station. A wiry, bold man opens the door and growls “bonsoir”. He is wearing a huge fleece
jacket and nothing but underpants. You're entering the apartment and he leads you into a dim
room with ropes on the walls. What would you do? Probably run!

Well, you shouldn’t, because it could be the beginning of the best yoga class you’ve ever had. At
least it was for me! I’ve done yoga for four years and with five different teachers, but I never
experienced a class like that. It is basically one hour of intense and constant stretching with the
help of ropes.
You're going to experience all stages of emotions, you're going to want to cry out of pain and
laugh because it is just so absurd. You will ask yourself why the hell you're doing that and why
you're paying to put yourself into more than unnatural positions. But when you leave the class
after the 10-minute meditation at the end you will feel like a new-born baby.
Whoever expects a mumbled “Find your inner self!” and the typical transcendental sounds is
wrong. It doesn't get more spiritual than the incense, which is lid at the end. The teacher is a quiet
man who is constantly walking around in circles while you're doing your exercises. He's going to
correct you, bend you further down and most likely push your body towards its boundaries. It is
quite impressive how much further you can go into a position if someone forces you to, even
though you thought you already reached your limit.
The Centre Nataraja is located in Rue Assalit and offers 3 classes per day in two different levels.
It is specialized on Hatha Yoga and Asthanga Yoga. Both are combinations of yoga postures and
yoga breathing exercises and are supposed to bring peace into mind and body.
The use of ropes enables to stretch and strengthen areas of the spine, that wouldn't be reached
with regular practice. It supports the body and makes it possible to hold tiring poses like the
downward facing dog or a headstand for a longer period of time.
You can check their schedule online ( and just drop by whenever it is
suitable for you. The prices could seem quite high (20€ for a single lesson or 50€ for four
lessons), but it is definitely worth it.
The first lesson is free, so give it a try!

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Lea spontaneously decided to spend her Erasmus year in Nice to get a little tan and drink rosé at the beach. Turns out there is much more to do and see! Rather than studying or improving her French skills, she spends her time exploring the Cote d’Azur.

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