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Activity Sunday | Climbing through canopes

Activity Sunday Canyon Forest

With a new season just around the corner and a spring in my step, I’ve been thinking back to my main New Year’s resolutions. For 2015 I planned to lose weight – doesn’t everybody – and learn French. Fitness and French, it couldn’t be that hard, right? On the health side, I have decided to introduce to our household ‘Activity Sunday’. So what better way to start our first adventure than with a high ropes course at Canyon Forest?

Canyon Forest is based in Villeneuve Loubet, tucked away in the low hills not far from the coastline. Upon arrival, you are greeted by friendly faces and given instructions of how the next few hours will run then we were quickly on a pair of bicycles and off to find the start the course.

As we rode deeper and deeper into the forest, I felt like I was miles away from the Riviera I know: high-rising trees replace the apartment blocks and soily earth is in the place of the beaches and promenades. After a fast-paced bike ride (perhaps five minutes but it felt like 20 to my legs), we arrive at our destination and see an enormous high ropes course suspended in the forest. Hanging above us with zip lines and moving logs just to name a few, was a challenge that would definitely live up to my plans of an active day out on a Sunday!

After another short safety briefing (very French), my boyfriend decided we would head straight to the difficult course (there are other easier courses available, but apparently weren’t strenuous enough…).

The first task was proving rather difficult, especially after I saw a girl being ‘rescued’ by one of the guides. She’d become stuck after the fear set in. I stood smiling, but inside I was terrified thanks to my slight fear of heights and the fact that I’m not the most active person… I couldn’t help but picture myself in her shoes soon.

We tackled hurdles, which included a moving bridges made of rope, zip lines over valleys, scaling a tree branch by branch overlooking a river with only a harness on, moving wooden logs that barely held your weight and scaling cliff faces to see the beauty of the valley. Three hours and nine minutes later, I had completed the high ropes course.

I felt a huge sigh of relief that it was over, but also accomplishment – it was done. Although it takes the average person 1.5 hours (that doesn’t matter), we had finished successfully and now it was time to enjoy a nice cold rosé as we stretched out our sore limbs and recounted our experience.

For anyone who wishes to find out more, head to Canyon Forest. It is a great place to try if you are looking for something different from your Côte d’Azur experience and has something for all ages. Be sure to call and book in advance as they fill up quickly!



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