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The temperature hit 17°C this week and we’re still only halfway through February. While it has been nice getting out in the sunshine and heat, it’s also a signal that the summer and bikinis are only just around the corner. It’s time to start getting beach ready.

There’s a following that has steadily been growing down here over the last few years, the Paddy Warwick fitness phenomenon. Offering a hard-hitting and no-holds-barred approach to personal training, Paddy and his team of experts are quickly making our Riviera community one seriously fit demographic in the south of France.

From one-on-one sessions to six week-long training programs across the Côte d’Azur and Monaco, Paddy’s fitness plans attract everyone from novices and those looking to kick start their fitness to professional athletes, and anyone from 15 to 97 (yes, really!).

I am naturally quite a sporty person, but have a relatively strong leaning towards laziness. I trained pretty intensively in gymnastics and athletics as a teenager, and it is certainly fair to say that it put me in good stead, but I know that my prior fitness isn’t going to keep me slim forever. It is probably time to act.

I first tried Paddy Warwick’s boat camp – a boot camp designed specifically for those in the yachting industry and those based in Antibes – this time last year. The early starts nearly killed me (I had to drag myself out of bed at 5am to give myself long enough to wake up, eat, and… move) and three-per-week sessions were very tough to start out, but that was almost 12 months ago and unfortunately I have forgotten quite how unforgiving the workouts were on my body. I’m about to sign up again.

Starting on Monday 9th March, myself and fellow Real Riviera writer Caz will be embarking on 2015’s Antibes Boat Camp and a gruelling six week journey to beach ready bodies.

Despite the difficult work outs, it was a thoroughly satisfying exercise and my results blew my mind. Incredible improvement in tone and muscle increase, density and strength, fat loss, and a motivation to eat well and treat my body better.

Although, it is not all about the physical outcome and along with the training schedule comes a diet plan that magnifies your protein intake, cuts sugar, and stamps down hard on alcohol. Last time round I failed to commit – I simply can’t lose the dairy and carbohydrates I know I need and don’t consider a glass of wine a treat (I love the Riviera rosé lifestyle!) – but this spring I will try to take it onboard and at least fulfil the protein quota! I also failed to get out of bed on some days, so will be working on that too (honestly, Paddy!).

For Caz, it will be her first boat camp experience and I’m not sure if I’m envious of her innocence or feel smug because I know what’s coming and she doesn’t! Either way, we’ll both be recording our pain and progress on Real Riviera and invite you to join us along the way.

For more information on Paddy Warwick’s personal and group training programs, click here.



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