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Discover The Magical Fogo Island in Newfoundland Canada

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Travel to the heart of one of the world’s most popular destinations, Fogo Island in Canada!
When you arrive on the Island you immediately understand the craze for the latter, an island of fishermen full of charms with breathtaking landscapes conducive to serenity.
And from afar you can see this building with its unique architecture at the foot of the ocean. This building is the only hotel on the Island
Discover the history of the Fogo Island Inn.






Having made a fortune in the field of optical fiber in the United States, Zita COBBS, 55 years old, daughter of a fisherman decided to return to her native island. Involving in the lives of the island’s inhabitants, she and her two brothers set up a charitable foundation and invested millions to promote her island.
She therefore had artist residences built by an architect also from the island named Todd Saunders. Then comes the splendid contemporary hotel and its luxurious spaces open to the outdoors!

The hotel is decorated with a discreet, luxurious and local decoration. Indeed the chairs for example are worked by former fishermen of the island who have converted (in one of the factories created by Zita COBBS and which meets the needs of the hotel).
The Hotel’s Restaurant offers a panoramic view of the ocean, not to mention the spa located on the top floor of the establishment with a heated jacuzzi for an ideal romantic getaway.








Finally, the hotel offers activities based on the culture and heritage of the island
A leading destination for quiet holidays, conducive to relaxation rich in history.


About the author


Windy Sanches

After training in International Business and General Management, I simply decided to pursue my studies in MBA Marketing.
Lover and native of the region, I took part in the Real Riviera adventure in order to make you discover the region and its actuality

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