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Halfbike: No seat biking

This bike is designed by architects Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov, co-founders of Design Lab Kolelinia, an enterprise dedicated to the research of alternative urban transport systems. Their latest product, the Halfbike, is a fold-able vehicle of three wheels designed for short rides in urban areas.

Technically this bike is a tricycle. It removes completely the need to sit down while biking and you ride it standing up, steering by leaning your body weight to the direction of desire. Despite the sleek and thin design, this bike is very well built and it is made of aluminium so it is very light and resistant. At first, I worried it might be a little fragile (particularly while turning), however to my surprise it handled very well and at least no people were injured during my test ride on the Promenade des Anglais!

Riding is hard at the beginning, but you soon get used to after 15 minutes. It does really make the experience of biking totally different from what a normal bike ride is and I would compare it to the feel of running with reduced impact on your knees.

If you are looking to have a good work out and portable transport device (and you aren’t afraid of turning a few heads), it is truly a beautiful and enjoyable way of riding and if you are someone who likes to get outside the normal standards and are looking to have a different kind of outdoor sport, then look no further, this is your bike.

For more information, visit Halfbikes.

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