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Novak Djokovic Tips to Strengthen Your Immunity & Fight Coronavirus

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Novak Djokovic is not only the world’s number one tennis player, but also a sharp and brilliant mind who never stops inspiring and motivating others.

source: instagram https://www.instagram.com/djokernole/

Known for his mental strength and resilience, he teaches us to be fearless yet kind and generous at the same time.

A couple of days ago, he showed his generosity along with his gratitude to Serbian people, by donating 1 million euros to help his native land fight the coronavirus.

Just to mention, coronavirus is only the 4th state of emergency that Serbia went through in last 20 years, among which the most traumatic one started on the 24th of March 1999 that lasted 3 months. It was the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. From this perspective, we can say that this difficult situation of war and uncertainty, helped Novak in some way become unbeatable.

As someone who lives in harmony with nature, Novak is also aware that boosting your immune system is the key weapon in the fight against the virus, so here are some tips he shared with readers of the Serbian Telegraf:

source: insagramhttps://www.instagram.com/djokernole/

– Increase your intake of vitamin C and zinc. It is recommended to take between 5 to 7 grams a day of Vitamin C, which can be increased up to 10 grams. Liquid zinc is better than other forms. However, if you do not find liquid zinc, it is suggested to take zinc pills at 3 to 4 times higher than the usual recommended dose.

– Drink warm lemon water with some sea salt on an empty stomach every morning (optionally add ginger and fresh mint leaves). Drink warm water with lemon several times a day. It is recommended to have it when your stomach is as empty as possible.

– Drink as much green juices and shakes as possible with green leafy vegetables (parsley, spinach, kale, etc.) Green leafy vegetables create an alkaline base in the body that destroys pathogens and viruses that persist in acidic environments.

– An acidic environment is caused by unhealthy fast food, stress, worry, anger, refined sugary drinks, dairy products, etc.

– It is advisable to consume a small portion of garlic cloves in a teaspoon of honey with cinnamon. Also, wild oregano oil, ginger, cayenne pepper can be added.

– Colloidal silver water is extremely effective for immunity and fighting against toxins we have in the body.

– Various types of teas and fresh herbs are always beneficial. Especially Rtanj and hibiscus teas.

– Spending some time in fresh air in a natural setting (parks, forests, lakes, rivers, sea, beaches, mountains, hills, etc.) heals us and fills us with orgone, a vital energy that is essential for a healthy life in addition to improving the general well-being of our body, mind and soul.

– Do mindful breathing exercises because it creates emotional and mental harmony, and inner-peace that allows you to cope more easily with worry, fear and uncertainty. It also balances the metabolic processes crucial for optimal health.

– Laugh and enjoy the music that fulfills you and makes you happy as much as possible. Be surrounded by loved ones with whom you feel a great presence of love, well-being and joy.


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