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Are you an Evolutionary, Soulful Leader?

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Never have there been so many exciting opportunities for a complete remake of our world! At a turning point and global change of our organisations and structures, we are more than ever longing for more ecological sustainability, purpose and meaning, both for the individual and the collective as well as for our planet.

With over 140 000 companies and organisations alone in the French Riviera (Alpes-Maritimes) and its nearly 16 000 new business creations per year, we require a strong-hearted and new, conscious way of leadership.

Old vs new
From an organisational point of view, the old worldview and image of leaders as heroes at the top of the hierarchy, with power and authority, status markers and exaggerated wealth has become obsolete.

The well-being of employees as well as the usefulness and impact of the product or service for the community and the planet are now becoming far more important than competition, complicated strategies, career advancement or sheer economic success.

While hierarchies, management departments or organisational charts are progressively disappearing, more self-management, purpose, heart and flexibility are introduced into our companies – the concept of “Soul” is finally arriving into our businesses.

New needs need new, evolutionary leaders
The function of the evolutionary leader will be mostly to hold space and act as a role-model, the best example of your “being”.

The biggest task might be to surrender to the destruction of obsolete mindsets and create new ways with the help of wisdom (understanding the lessons of the past), holistic spirituality (looking higher), as well as trust, love and community.

It appears that the health and evolution of the company depends mostly on the health and evolution of the top leadership – not as easy when facing work-intensity, overcommitment, interruptions, a work-life imbalance and emotional exhaustion, some of the most common issues amongst executives. Stress and lack of movement are their number one health risk factors.

How to set the example in your company and stay the best version of yourself at all times?
In order to become a truly evolutionary role model and leader for your company, you can implement practices that allow you to work on yourself and give yourself recharge:

1. Start a regular Yoga & Meditation practice:

Prepare your day with a 10 to 20-min meditation in the morning to set a peaceful foundation for your day (sitting still and observing yourself focusing on one neutral good-feeling object, for example the breath or a neutral sound), or in times of extra pressure or stress, retreat into a quiet room even during the day and spend 5 minutes of conscious breathing.

Include a regular and complete physical Yoga practice with breathing exercises into your week. The original spirit and purpose of Yoga is one of therapy, healing, personal development, mindfulness and meditation to master the fluctuations of the mind and find your optimum state. You will gain new stillness, strength, flexibility and evolution not only physically but also mentally. Improve your posture and spine, your overall health, your relationships and heart space, your resilience and stress management and your ability to relax and create more energy from within.
Or even better, add a monthly Yoga workshop or a weekly Yoga practice directly into the schedule of your company together with your employees – the effects of a common cohesive group practice are thousandfold!

2. Replenish with Massage treatments:

If you prefer rather a passive time-out, receive meditative treatments like a Thai Yoga Massage, also called Nuad (“Ancient Healing Touch”). Originally practised by Buddhist monks, Thai Massage is a unique holistic treatment addressing the whole body and its network of energies as a whole. The treatment consists of rhythmic acupressure massage, gentle passive yoga stretches and relaxation on a soft floor mat, combined into a profound and nourishing healing system.

The effects of this unique massage are lasting for you and for your employees, while you don’t have to do anything! Treat yourself and your employees to a monthly session!

3. Take Coaching sessions with a professional coach:

The best athletes have coaches, as they cannot observe themselves while practising the sport – they need a coach to help them see and understand how to improve and become better. It is the same with leaders. Discussing your goals with a neutral and professional coach who is external to the business can give you new insights and perspectives about yourself and the issues within your company.

Coaching assists you in raising awareness and responsibility at all times so you can see the impact of your actions and thoughts on your environment, which is the first step to change mindsets and improve the way you lead. 

While old coaching models only looked at achievement and success, a more holistic and flexible approach such as Psychosynthesis coaching looks at the person and their potential as a whole, combining psychology and spirituality, our learned patterns and our higher self into synthesis and sublimation, in order to achieve and lead with more meaning and values.

Invest in a coaching session set and see for yourself how you will positively affect your relationships and your company!

As Lao Tzu said: ‘A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, we did it ourselves.’

Take a chance and try some of these practices out – you will only feel better. The most important is to embrace and enjoy the changes to the most! Your employees will thank you for it!
If you are intrigued, find more info and advice on www.



About the author

Angelika Seidl

Angelika Seidl

You can find more information with Angelika Seidl, a professional specialist for Well-Being & Yoga for leaders and companies on the French Riviera - visit to book your sessions.

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